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July 18, 2009

Framing is an important element to my paintings; I do not consider a work completed, nor will I sign it, until it is framed.  Two of my latest paintings are at the frame shop and now comes the anticipation.  I am involved in the selection of the frame but I have a great deal of trust and respect in Wanda and Annette, the two ladies who do most of my framing.  We have selected frames that will compliment the paintings and hopefully add to the pieces.  The two works are different and the framing selected is different; one is simple, the other a bit more ornate.  I have already been through the anticipation phase of painting and waiting to see how the painting will look at the point I declare it finished.  And I admit I am pleased how these two have turned out.  No brag; just fact.  Now I want to see the finished frames and be assured we made the right decisions.  I want to see how the frames make the painting pop.  But I must wait.  We selected framing unique enough that it must be ordered.  All I can do regarding these two paintings is wait and anticipate.

Art as a business

July 10, 2009

I paint because I love to do it, I feel I have something to say and ideas to express, and it has been lucrative.  Today I was involved in a conversation about art entrepreneurs.  The move from hobby to business can be difficult if the artist is not familiar with the process and the responsibilities the artist takes on when art is approached as a business.  If one makes money, one pays taxes.  I have known artists who sell their paintings, spend the money and then when tax time comes, end up surprised by taxes owed.

The interest in encouraging the growth of art entrepreneurship in this region is welcomed.  This region is full of talented people who need encouragement, support, guidance and knowledge so they can take this talent and develop their own small business.  Building the network will take time and a great deal of work.  I commend those who are undertaking this move, pledge my support, and encourage other artists and those in the economic development field to likewise.