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Other artists

August 29, 2009

I really enjoy looking at the work of other artists.

Each artist has their own style, their own way to see things, and something different to say.  While attending the reception for the juried show now hanging at the Rudd Art Center, I thought how difficult it is to judge such a show.  So many quality works, so many styles.  How do you say one is better than another?  Difficult.  The I stopped by Stonehenge Gallery in Montgomery and was so impressed with the works they have.  So many artists; so many styles.  Wow!

Meeting other artists is another fun aspect of being involved with art.  Obviously, they are creative but there are so many different personalities.  Friendships have developed and I watch the progression of the works and ideas being developed through art.

A piece of art is so much more than a thing hanging on the wall.

“Southern Grace”

August 22, 2009

Every now and then I have the opportunity to use my art to help raise money for a worthy cause.  Recently, I had the privilege of donating a painting entitled “Southern Grace” to the Southern Economic Development Council silent auction to raise money for the SEDC education foundation.  The foundation provides scholarships to economic developers.  The painting, a sister to my painting “Duet”, is based on a tree I saw in Tennessee.

Giving back to a profession that has been good to me and to help raise money to foster new talent are two reasons I made this donation.  Art has many functions and if I as an artist can use my talent in such a way, I feel a bit more fulfilled.

The winning bid on “Southern Grace” was made by a long-time friend of mine who I know will enjoy the work.  She said she has been wanting one of my paintings for a while and now she has one.

It’s all for a good cause.

Mrs. Ida goes to Rudd Art Center

August 1, 2009

My latest painting “Mrs.Ida”, a 24 in. x 36 in. portrait, has been entered in the juried art show at the Rudd Art Center in Ozark, AL.  “Mrs. Ida” is the largest portrait painting I have done; I do not paint that many portraits.  Saying that, the other painting I entered is a 10 in x 10 in portrait of my wife Trina.  Both paintings are oils.  Portraits are new for me and I hesitate to do too many.  They are fun, a challenge, and interesting but I am still not fully comfortable painting them.  I am more of an abstract, impressionistic painter and to capture the likeness of a person takes more control than I have been accustomed to using.  The paintings do carry the mark of my style; I do not deny that.

My wife and I are attending figure drawing sessions each month at the Rudd Art Center.  From these sessions has sparked my interest in using people as the subject of some recent works.  There will be more.  I have a couple of portrait/people paintings working and at least one more portrait I would like to tackle.