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I paint by inspiration

September 18, 2009

Will someone buy it?  That is not my first thought when I begin a painting.  I assume I will get to keep each painting for myself and if there is a buyer out there who shares my opinion of the work and invests in it, I am pleased.

There are subjects that have lent themselves to several paintings such as the cows along Alabama Highway 10.  I have never painted portraits but I am having fun trying my hand at a few of them.  The latest is of my son Matthew.  The painting was started during a studio session where he served as the model for us. He was holding a difficult pose and was surprised to see so many of us focusing on his face. I later finished it using him when he was at home and a photo recapturing the pose.

Inspiration must be present to develop a painting that is more than an object to cover a bare spot on a wall.  When you look at my work I don’t want you to see just another cow, just another tree, or another abstract.  I want you to feel what I was feeling as I painted it.  I want you to be inspired.


Hot Sounds

September 12, 2009

This week I finished a painting entitled “Hot Sounds” inspired by my daughter Sarah who plays clarinet in the Troy University marching band.  Today she is in Florida attending her first game as a member of the band.  We are proud of her and all she is doing as a student at Troy University.  The painting features a somewhat abstract clarinet and the feel of a passionate, strong sound.

A painting for a friend

September 3, 2009

I have a friend who asked me to do a painting representing the mascot of his favorite college and favorite college team.  It’s not the type of painting I would normally do, but he asked.  The painting is close to finished; close enough to finished that I took it to the framing shop where the most complementary frame was selected.  The friend has, until now, not seen the painting nor has he had any input into the size, composition or colors.  He left that all up to me.  But now that we are getting close and talking about the costs associated with the work, he got a bit anxious so I sent him a photo of the close-to-finished work.  He appears to like it and I am glad to hear it.  Now to get it finished.