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The importance of group support

October 18, 2009

The first Saturday of the month I participate in a figure drawing session hosted by the Rudd Art Center in Ozark.  The last time I drew the human figure was back in the early 1980s.  My wife Trina and I joined this group at the invitation of a friend who was already participating.  The group is casual; there is no real leader nor instructor.  We all pitch in a few dollars and that the pays the model.  The model is usually recruited by someone in the group.  We have had different ages, sizes and sexes.  The result is a fun morning of work and networking; we have made friends and artistic supporters.  Without this group I would not have rediscovered the human figure.  Several of my latest paintings would not exist; several challenges not taken.  We enjoy and appreciate  this group.  I encourage other area artists to join us or if you are not in the Ozark area, find a group.  It makes you commit and it makes you enjoy the whole experience.

Art supplies as tourism

October 10, 2009

Tourism.  Along with destination based tourism such as Disney, Vegas, Destin, there is tourism based on ecology, history, agriculture, geography and just about any area of interests.  Art should also be considered a focus of tourism.  Art galleries, art festivals, concerts and other exhibitions of artistic expression all bring people and dollars into communities.  Recently, I had a couple of free hours while attending a conference.  I got out and walked to an art supply store, an activity common for me.  I am an art supply store junkie.  A different color paint, a new sized canvas, drawing pads and a new brand of pencil.  I am always looking for something new.  That is my form of tourism — art supply tourism.