Miss Maggie

In May 2009 at a small community festival, I took a photograph of a lady who was standing there listening to the musicians. The photograph inspired my painting which I entitled “Mrs. Ida.” When I finished the painting I began to look for the lady in the photograph. I showed her picture to several people, but no knew her.

I am proud of how the painting turned out.  It was one of my entries into a juried art show this summer.  When I received an invitation to participate in the 10th anniversary exhibition at the Rudd Art Center, I submitted this painting.

On Friday, January 15, I was leaving my office for lunch. Training for US Census takers was taking place in our building. As I walked out the door I noticed a lady sitting in a car right outside the door; I turned around and got a copy of the photograph. Showing the lady the photograph I asked, “Is this a photograph of you?” It was. I then showed her a photograph of the painting. I had found “Mrs. Ida” who in actuality is Miss Maggie. After six months I found her right outside my office door.

Saturday night Miss Maggie attended the opening reception for the show at the Rudd Art Center in Ozark and saw, for the first time, the painting now correctly entitled “Miss Maggie.”

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