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April 24, 2010

There is nothing so humbling to me as seeing the work of a true artist (painter in today’s context). Be it the technical artist that takes such care and so many hours to produce a work that is so real. The strong colors of an abstract artist or the technique shown through a “folk” piece. Each person has a unique approach or view to express. It is not right to compare one person’s expression over another. Get the most from each work by spending time understanding the point of view and the person’s ability to express it.

“Mason, TX” the first of three

April 18, 2010

Meet Mason. He was new to this world when the photo (left) that inspired this painting was taken — one hour old.  I worked to capture his energy and emotion with the 10 x 10 painting.

Third photograph received

April 15, 2010

I have now received the third of three photographs in my personal portrait challenge. A couple of weeks ago I asked three friends, one each in CA, TX, and NY, to send me a photograph of someone I have never seen. My only stipulation was to send a photograph with no eyeglasses.

The resulting photographs are each unique and more than I ever expected. Mason from Texas, photo of an one-hour baby screaming his head off, was the first sent. I stated in an earlier blog post that I would post a photo of his painting when I received the third and final photograph. I did not want to way the selection of third subject.  As I am posting this, I find myself without access to a photograph of the painting.  I will post a photo when I have access to other of my computer files.

This is a personal challenge that is turning out to be more fun than anticipated. I am about half way finished with the second painting and cannot wait until I begin the third.  Thank you to my three friends, who all happen to be in the arts field, for their help in this personal project and challenge.


April 13, 2010

I am still unsure about portraits. To challenge myself in regards to painting portraits I asked three friends in different parts of the country to send me a photograph of someone I do not know. So far the portraits I have undertaken are of people I have seen or that I know. My only stipulation was the person could not be wearing glasses. The last couple of people I have painted have been wearing glasses and I want to get away from that for a bit.

My friend Nancy in Texas was the first to answer my request. She sent me a photograph of Mason, a one-hour old baby screaming his head off. This was not what I was envisioning and it is so like her. I loved it.

Mason is finished. I have sent a photograph of the painting to Nancy and she liked it. My wife likes it. I like it.

But I am not ready to show it. I am waiting for the third response. The New York friend has sent me a great photograph but my third person, the one in California, has not sent one yet. When I receive the third, I will show the first.