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Hannah is taking a bit longer

May 20, 2010

My third painting is taking a bit longer than expected. I found an area that I did not like and am reworking it. The result should be a better image.

“Hannah, CA”

May 11, 2010

The third painting in my personal challenge is close to finished. I placed all three painting side-by-side yesterday and found it very interesting. The same request was made of three people and their responses were different which has resulted in three different paintings and different approaches by the artist.

Hannah has been a joy to paint. I hope you like her once she is finished and posted to this blog.

Now for number three

May 2, 2010

The third painting in my personal three portrait challenge is going to be the hardest of the three.  I have started but have yet to fully capture the spirit and look of the model.  All three of the subjects in this exercise are different and present challenges of their own.  I am enjoying working on this one, like I have the other two.  I can’t wait to see what happens with the painting.  Thanks, Mike.

“Jim, NY”

May 2, 2010

The painting "Jim, NY"

The second painting of my personal three portrait challenge is finished. The painting is based on a photograph submitted by my friend Ken in New York. He chose a photograph of his friend Jim who it turns out is Jim Brochu performing as Zero Mostell in the play “Zero Hour” also written by Mr. Brochu.  It is my understanding Jim Brochu has seen the painting and is pleased.

This was a fun painting to create.  The eyes were very much the focal point and I painted them first.  Since the first day I had those eyes looking at me.