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“Hannah, CA”

June 28, 2010

Meet “Hannah, CA” the third painting in my three painting personal challenge.  Her father pointed out that the series includes a baby, a teenager and a more mature man.  He asked if I intentionally chose three different ages.  I reminded him I chose nothing.  It was the decision of each of the three people who submitted photographs to me as to whom they would submit.  The result was just one more unexpected result.    I hope Hannah likes “Hannah, CA”; I know I do.


June 27, 2010

Today I got into the swing of painting. Started off the morning by finishing “Hannah, CA”, a 10″ x 10″ portrait. Then I got into painting cows. I have a one-man show in October entitled “The Herd” and have been using Charolais as my models. So today I worked on four different canvases, three were Charolais. The fourth was another portrait. Starting one of a couple; never painted a couple before. Also did prep work on a couple more canvas. Everything in the work area is wet. A good day.

Getting back into the swing of painting

June 23, 2010

I took a bit of time away from painting. Other aspects of my life took my time and energy. Art is a major passion but artist is not my full identity. Like everyone else I have several dimensions to my life and have demands.

When I think of artists and writers I have a tendency to think of them just in that way – as an artist or writer. To see that they are involved in other activities and have other responsibilities makes them more human. I had the same experience when I was young seeing one of my school teachers at the grocery store. She was a teacher and here she was buying food? Wow. This all goes back to my theory of social placement where we identify people based on certain activities and we limit them to that identity.

This week the artist side of me is back. My pallet plates have been cleaned. “Hannah, CA” has wet paint. There is a new 2 x 4 ft cow in the works. This weekend I am committed to painting. The artist Frank Thompson is in the house.