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The Herd – An Update

August 28, 2010

The one-man show is now just over a month away. There are still unfinished paintings but by mid-September I should be finished. “Memphis”, shown below, is one of the latest. The show has taken a great deal of work and focus. Putting together a one-man show sounds like a good idea when you are first talking about doing it. The volume of work has been overwhelming at times. No matter how many I have finished, it does not seem anywhere close to enough. A good number of paintings are “on location” and are in close proximity to the gallery. I do not have the ability to transport all these paintings at one time. This show has stretched my abilities and has resulted in a collection of work that I hope people will enjoy. “The Herd” will be a fun show. It opens October 7 in Meridian, Mississippi.


Cattle drive

August 22, 2010

Went on a cattle drive this weekend.  Took a number of paintings to Mississippi in preparation for the October show.  By taking some now, some in a few weeks, and others closer to the show, it is making it easier to relocate the paintings.  After unload this cargo we placed the paintings along the wall and the gallery appears to be filling up.  I am far from finished; I have eight paintings working with several more being started this week.  Next time I work, I should complete two.  It is a great adventure. But please, no more cow puns.


August 6, 2010

As you know I have been following a theme of cows this summer in preparation for a fall show. One of the painting for the show that I have entitled “Attitude”. It has been fun watching these paintings develop. The apprehension that I will not have as many as I should and the enjoyment with the subject matter keeps me going.