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Where I am as an artist

November 29, 2010

This has been a fun year. The one-man show entitled “The Herd” was well received and several pieces were purchased. The show was the result of many hours of work. We ended up with 42 pieces on exhibit at the Meridian, Mississippi, gallery. The reception was attended by more than 75 art supporters and dear friends. My thanks to those who invested in my works and to the others who attended and supported the show.
The University of Southern Mississippi put together a beautiful show entitled “100 Alumni” and I was honored the painting of my father “Pop” was selected for the show. He and I were both pleased to have that work included as part of such an impressive collection of work. I realize the sacrifices he and my mother made to send me to USM back in the 1970s and it made the inclusion of his portrait special.
Where am I today and what is next? Cows will continue to be the subjects of many of my future works. There are several avenues I would like to explore and there may be another “The Herd” in the upcoming year. Portraits continue to intrigue me and I am working on several now. I have a hard time concentrating on just one work; I paint several at a time to allow the oils to dry as I build color. This has been a good year for me as an artist and I thank God for the inspiration and abilities given to my care. I am looking forward to the next year and hope you will be there with me.