Art is more than the paintings

“Bovine Point of View” will be hanging in the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, AL come this Friday. The paintings are ready, I am ready and hopefully Fairhope is ready. However, this experience is about more than the paintings to me.

The canvases have opened so many doors for us. We meet the best of people at art shows and other art events. We have developed new friendships and renewed existing friendships.

It is fulfilling to see someone comment about a painting and realize they have connected with the work in a way I never imagined. This happened time and again and I look forward to what will happen in Fairhope.

This show has been in the works for more than a year. My wife and I have already had so many great experiences. We look forward to the next phase of the Fairhope experience.

The people at the Eastern Shore Art Center have been very kind to us by giving us this space to exhibit this herd of paintings. I do invite you to stop in Fairhope and see the exhibit. I think you will enjoy it.


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