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“Mason, TX” the first of three

April 18, 2010

Meet Mason. He was new to this world when the photo (left) that inspired this painting was taken — one hour old.  I worked to capture his energy and emotion with the 10 x 10 painting.



March 14, 2010

My dad is very special to me. Recently I painted a small portrait of him and this weekend I was able to show it to him. He liked it and is looking forward to hanging it in his house once I get it finished and framed.

He said this was the result of something that began many, many years ago. My dad worked at a concrete pipe company. There was a salesman for the cement company who would bring my dad scratch pads; my dad would bring them home and give them to me. I would draw for hours on these white pads. This started when I was very young and continued until well into my teens. I always looked forward to the tablet man.

From those scratch pads he brought home, he now has a portrait painted by his son who loves him greatly. Thank you to the tablet man, Dee Collins.

UPDATE:  The painting is now framed and hanging in my dad’s house right behind his favorite chair.

Challenges and tributes

February 28, 2010

Portraits. I have never considered myself a portrait painter but recently I have undertaken a couple and been pleased with the results. First I painted my wife Trina then my son Matt. I have tried my daughter Sarah but she keeps changing her look. “Miss Maggie” and “Dear Lady” are two inspired by persons I have seen and I like the results. There are three more on which I am now working and I hope the people who are inspiring these will like the finished pieces.

This has been a new direction and presents new challenges.  We will see what happens.

Back into the painting

February 20, 2010

Back with a vengeance. After a couple of months away from the canvas I am back.  It may be finishing a work and seeing it framed, or inspiration that gets me going.  But right now I would say its having the time,  a warming workspace and inspirations that have got me back.  I have recently finished two works; they are framed and signed.  Another 4 ft x 2 ft herd painting is drying (which will take a while as it is truly impasto) and two or three new paintings are working.

Miss Maggie

January 17, 2010

In May 2009 at a small community festival, I took a photograph of a lady who was standing there listening to the musicians. The photograph inspired my painting which I entitled “Mrs. Ida.” When I finished the painting I began to look for the lady in the photograph. I showed her picture to several people, but no knew her.

I am proud of how the painting turned out.  It was one of my entries into a juried art show this summer.  When I received an invitation to participate in the 10th anniversary exhibition at the Rudd Art Center, I submitted this painting.

On Friday, January 15, I was leaving my office for lunch. Training for US Census takers was taking place in our building. As I walked out the door I noticed a lady sitting in a car right outside the door; I turned around and got a copy of the photograph. Showing the lady the photograph I asked, “Is this a photograph of you?” It was. I then showed her a photograph of the painting. I had found “Mrs. Ida” who in actuality is Miss Maggie. After six months I found her right outside my office door.

Saturday night Miss Maggie attended the opening reception for the show at the Rudd Art Center in Ozark and saw, for the first time, the painting now correctly entitled “Miss Maggie.”


January 6, 2010

It has been a while since I have added a new post.  It has also been a while since I have painted.  The months of November and December were full months and kept me away from painting.  My painting time has suffered.  There have been times that I have managed to get out to the canvases and paint.  In late December I had a bit of time and have made good progress on several paintings.  Now I wait for the paint to dry enough so that I can add more fresh color and the finishing details.  The situation I have right now is space.  With the paintings I am working on, several are big and take up enough room that it is hard to start another.  There is also the cold.  My work area is basically unheated and with the cold temperatures we are experiencing, it is a bit difficult to paint.

Now that I have place these thoughts in print, I realize these are just minor excuses.  It’s time to pick up the knife and get back to work.

The importance of group support

October 18, 2009

The first Saturday of the month I participate in a figure drawing session hosted by the Rudd Art Center in Ozark.  The last time I drew the human figure was back in the early 1980s.  My wife Trina and I joined this group at the invitation of a friend who was already participating.  The group is casual; there is no real leader nor instructor.  We all pitch in a few dollars and that the pays the model.  The model is usually recruited by someone in the group.  We have had different ages, sizes and sexes.  The result is a fun morning of work and networking; we have made friends and artistic supporters.  Without this group I would not have rediscovered the human figure.  Several of my latest paintings would not exist; several challenges not taken.  We enjoy and appreciate  this group.  I encourage other area artists to join us or if you are not in the Ozark area, find a group.  It makes you commit and it makes you enjoy the whole experience.

I paint by inspiration

September 18, 2009

Will someone buy it?  That is not my first thought when I begin a painting.  I assume I will get to keep each painting for myself and if there is a buyer out there who shares my opinion of the work and invests in it, I am pleased.

There are subjects that have lent themselves to several paintings such as the cows along Alabama Highway 10.  I have never painted portraits but I am having fun trying my hand at a few of them.  The latest is of my son Matthew.  The painting was started during a studio session where he served as the model for us. He was holding a difficult pose and was surprised to see so many of us focusing on his face. I later finished it using him when he was at home and a photo recapturing the pose.

Inspiration must be present to develop a painting that is more than an object to cover a bare spot on a wall.  When you look at my work I don’t want you to see just another cow, just another tree, or another abstract.  I want you to feel what I was feeling as I painted it.  I want you to be inspired.

Other artists

August 29, 2009

I really enjoy looking at the work of other artists.

Each artist has their own style, their own way to see things, and something different to say.  While attending the reception for the juried show now hanging at the Rudd Art Center, I thought how difficult it is to judge such a show.  So many quality works, so many styles.  How do you say one is better than another?  Difficult.  The I stopped by Stonehenge Gallery in Montgomery and was so impressed with the works they have.  So many artists; so many styles.  Wow!

Meeting other artists is another fun aspect of being involved with art.  Obviously, they are creative but there are so many different personalities.  Friendships have developed and I watch the progression of the works and ideas being developed through art.

A piece of art is so much more than a thing hanging on the wall.

“Southern Grace”

August 22, 2009

Every now and then I have the opportunity to use my art to help raise money for a worthy cause.  Recently, I had the privilege of donating a painting entitled “Southern Grace” to the Southern Economic Development Council silent auction to raise money for the SEDC education foundation.  The foundation provides scholarships to economic developers.  The painting, a sister to my painting “Duet”, is based on a tree I saw in Tennessee.

Giving back to a profession that has been good to me and to help raise money to foster new talent are two reasons I made this donation.  Art has many functions and if I as an artist can use my talent in such a way, I feel a bit more fulfilled.

The winning bid on “Southern Grace” was made by a long-time friend of mine who I know will enjoy the work.  She said she has been wanting one of my paintings for a while and now she has one.

It’s all for a good cause.