Been a bit of time

January 29, 2011

I have not been as diligent in painting as I should be. This time of year the studio is cold and it takes a while to heat. This afternoon I did work a bit and the desire to paint is coming back.

Being patient is difficult when the desire to paint is there.


Where I am as an artist

November 29, 2010

This has been a fun year. The one-man show entitled “The Herd” was well received and several pieces were purchased. The show was the result of many hours of work. We ended up with 42 pieces on exhibit at the Meridian, Mississippi, gallery. The reception was attended by more than 75 art supporters and dear friends. My thanks to those who invested in my works and to the others who attended and supported the show.
The University of Southern Mississippi put together a beautiful show entitled “100 Alumni” and I was honored the painting of my father “Pop” was selected for the show. He and I were both pleased to have that work included as part of such an impressive collection of work. I realize the sacrifices he and my mother made to send me to USM back in the 1970s and it made the inclusion of his portrait special.
Where am I today and what is next? Cows will continue to be the subjects of many of my future works. There are several avenues I would like to explore and there may be another “The Herd” in the upcoming year. Portraits continue to intrigue me and I am working on several now. I have a hard time concentrating on just one work; I paint several at a time to allow the oils to dry as I build color. This has been a good year for me as an artist and I thank God for the inspiration and abilities given to my care. I am looking forward to the next year and hope you will be there with me.

100 Alumni

October 20, 2010

This weekend is the opening reception for the “100 Alumni” show at the University of Southern Mississippi. As a art graduate of USM I am proud to have my painting “Pop”, the portrait of my dad, included in the show. My dad is also proud to have his painting in the show.

“The Herd” opened Thursday night

October 10, 2010

Many thanks to those who attended the opening reception for “The Herd” on Thursday night. We had a great time and the art was well received. So many friends were there that it was hard to spend much time with any. Special thanks to my long-time friend John Solomon and his wife driving over from Vicksburg.

On the gallery walls was more than a year’s work. It was great to hear the comments and compliments on the pieces. I am humbled by those who invested in works. You never know what the reaction will be but it is so surprising and pleasing to hear someone say, “that’s my pet cow from when I was a child.”

There were several children there with their parents. This is great and I encourage more parents to expose their children to art.

The show will hand until mid November. Please stop by if you are in the Meridian area. K Fulton Art & Frame is located at 2000 Front Street right across from the Union Station (train depot) parking lot.

“The Herd” opens Thursday night

October 3, 2010

When I started the many hours of painting and work associated with having a one-man exhibition focusing on the subject of cows I confess there was one aspect of this I really did not consider nor did I see coming — the countless puns. I think I have heard them all and still find it humorous.

Now the paintings are all in the gallery. Invitations have been sent. The local newspaper has run a story about the show. After almost a year of preparation, the show opens with a reception Thursday night.

The cows have been awesome subjects. They are all so different. I confess I never noticed that before. With these paintings I hope I have captured their individual uniqueness.

“Mason,TX” is on his way

October 3, 2010

This weekend I at long last mailed the final of the three portraits painted as a personal challenge. “Mason,TX” the portrait of a crying, one-hour old boy was hard to see leave. All three of the portraits are special to me and I hope each of the paintings is special to the people involved – the subjects and my three friends who submitted the photographs.

While I have learned from this experience it has been fun. Through this I have reconnected with old friends and met new ones. Trina and I had the pleasure of hand-delivering one and had a great weekend full of adventure and laughter.

I thank Mike, Nancy and Ken for agreeing to be involved in this project.

Delivered “Jim, NY”

September 20, 2010

The second painting in my three portrait personal challenge has been delivered and this time we did it in person. The painting of Jim Brochu, playwright and actor, was delivered to illustrator Ken Fallin. Ken was the one who answered my challenge by sending me a photo of Jim as he was performing as Zero Mostel in his play Zero Hour. We hope Jim will like it as I understand Ken will deliver it to him soon.

This was a great challenge and I appreciate the three people who participated by submitting photographs to me. The result of each was different but so were my subjects. Each brought its own personal challenge. It has been hard letting these pieces go, but those receiving them have seen pleased.

“The Herd” is coming together

September 13, 2010

Most of the paintings have been completed. But with three more weeks until the opening I am still working on finished several more paintings. This one-man show will fill the gallery — and I was initially worried about not having enough work. The show will feature the subject of cows and will incorporate several of my styles. I cannot settle on painting one way. I use the knife most of the time, but sometimes it is applied thin and other times I go for impasto big time.

I hope those who see the show will enjoy it and like my interpretation of young cows. I also invite you to attend the show and especially the opening reception at 5-7 p.m. on October 7, 2010.

The Herd – An Update

August 28, 2010

The one-man show is now just over a month away. There are still unfinished paintings but by mid-September I should be finished. “Memphis”, shown below, is one of the latest. The show has taken a great deal of work and focus. Putting together a one-man show sounds like a good idea when you are first talking about doing it. The volume of work has been overwhelming at times. No matter how many I have finished, it does not seem anywhere close to enough. A good number of paintings are “on location” and are in close proximity to the gallery. I do not have the ability to transport all these paintings at one time. This show has stretched my abilities and has resulted in a collection of work that I hope people will enjoy. “The Herd” will be a fun show. It opens October 7 in Meridian, Mississippi.

Cattle drive

August 22, 2010

Went on a cattle drive this weekend.  Took a number of paintings to Mississippi in preparation for the October show.  By taking some now, some in a few weeks, and others closer to the show, it is making it easier to relocate the paintings.  After unload this cargo we placed the paintings along the wall and the gallery appears to be filling up.  I am far from finished; I have eight paintings working with several more being started this week.  Next time I work, I should complete two.  It is a great adventure. But please, no more cow puns.