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Delivered “Jim, NY”

September 20, 2010

The second painting in my three portrait personal challenge has been delivered and this time we did it in person. The painting of Jim Brochu, playwright and actor, was delivered to illustrator Ken Fallin. Ken was the one who answered my challenge by sending me a photo of Jim as he was performing as Zero Mostel in his play Zero Hour. We hope Jim will like it as I understand Ken will deliver it to him soon.

This was a great challenge and I appreciate the three people who participated by submitting photographs to me. The result of each was different but so were my subjects. Each brought its own personal challenge. It has been hard letting these pieces go, but those receiving them have seen pleased.


“The Herd” is coming together

September 13, 2010

Most of the paintings have been completed. But with three more weeks until the opening I am still working on finished several more paintings. This one-man show will fill the gallery — and I was initially worried about not having enough work. The show will feature the subject of cows and will incorporate several of my styles. I cannot settle on painting one way. I use the knife most of the time, but sometimes it is applied thin and other times I go for impasto big time.

I hope those who see the show will enjoy it and like my interpretation of young cows. I also invite you to attend the show and especially the opening reception at 5-7 p.m. on October 7, 2010.